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Solid Waste Commercial FAQ

How do I know if my business must recycle according to the Source Separation Ordinance?
Any business that generates 16 cubic yards or more of trash per week, and has more than 500 pounds of corrugated cardboard and/or 500 pounds of office paper per month, must recycle the cardboard and/or office paper. There are exemptions to this rule.

Read Source Separation Ordinance.
Where can I take recycling from my office building or commercial business site?
Mecklenburg County offers commercia; drop-off centers, as well as Full-Service Centers, and Self-Service Recycling Centers. Businesses may choose to contract trash and recycling services with a private hauling company or self-haul recycling and trash to any of the four Full-Service Centers. Fees and size limitations apply.
What is considered C & D waste at Mecklenburg County’s Drop-off Centers?
Items such as dimensional lumber, plywood, brick, block, carpet and padding, shingles, windows, doors, fiberglass bath fixtures, tile, ceramic etc. that come from the construction or tear down of a structure.
What is considered Bulky waste at Mecklenburg County’s Drop-off Centers?
Items such as furniture, mattresses, box springs, lamps, large pieces of Styrofoam, cloth, etc. that will not fit into your curbside trash cart, and/or may come from inside a structure or yard, such as a lawnmower, plastic dog house, water hose, ceramic planters, etc. and is not on the I Want to throw something away list.
What can I recycle from my office building or commercial business site?
My business has hazardous waste that we need to dispose of. What do we do with it?
Mecklenburg County cannot accept hazardous materials or waste from businesses, organizations, or non-profits, unless they qualify as a Very Small Quantity Generator. These special collections are held on specific dates throughout the year and business must pre-register. For additional information on qualifications and event notices, visit: Business Hazardous Waste Disposal.
Where can I take yard waste from my office or commercial business site, and is there a fee involved?
Compost Central
140 Valleydale Road
Charlotte, NC 28215
Foxhole Landfill
140 Valleydale Road
Charlotte, NC 28215
What do I need to know about the ABC Recycling Law?
The ABC Recycling Law requires the recycling of bottles and glass from entities that hold an ABC License.
It applies to:
• on-premises malt beverage permits
• on-premises unfortified wine permits
• mixed beverage permits
• on-premises fortified wine permits
Please visit the North Carolina Division of Pollution Prevention and Environmental Assistance’s website or call them at (800) 763-0136 for more detailed information. HB 1518 is managed by the North Carolina ABC Commission. Mecklenburg County does not provide collection services for ABC permit or other businesses, companies, or residential establishments.

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